1Do I need any special Hardware?
No. Everything can be installed on our Cloud Provider. Even your phone devices can be software based with no extra cost. If you want to proceed with our Full Cloud Service, please send a request.
2I am not sure what kind / technology of phone lines I need. And what about voice quality ?
We support all the known telephony provider technologies. From Analog lines , BRI's, PRI's and of course SIP Protocol. We fully stress test and audit our system before we deliver it to our end users in order for everything to work smoothly at your new platform.
3What about a CRM Software?
You don't need any third party application. Our platform has an already CRM application embedded that can handle your businesses logic and reporting needs. Although, if you have your CRM already installed we can provide additional integration services.
4Can you customize our campaigns for us?
Yes we can. We are a highly experienced team of CTI and IT Professionals, that provide for the last 20 years working solutions to complex and large telephony projects for S.M.E globaly. Feel free to describe your vision here and we will have a full working solution for you, within a day.

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